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A mantra for a busy city life

Spinning on a Hamster Wheel

on June 21, 2013

Or a rollercoaster, or just driving round and round a roundabout. Fun to start with, not so great after a year or two. Bright lights and big job prospects draw so many of us into the busy city, but not all of us can really handle the crazy pace at which it whirls. First of all, whilst our food, clothes, homes and technology have come a million miles since we were cavemen, we as humans have stayed pretty much the same. Biologically, that is. We are not really wired to move at the pace of email or twitter, and trying to do so can drive us nuts!

Texting on one phone, whilst speaking on the other, whilst eating a chocolate bar..and crossing to road..I have certainly nearly been a victim of a car crash more than once. Mad and completely unnecessary. One of the first things I learnt when I started yoga (because, yes, that is the wonderful tool on which this blog is based) was to focus on the task in hand. “if you are going to do the dishes then do the dishes” my teacher said. In the end, more will get done and you are less likely to end up as a jam sandwich in the middle of Oxford street.

It is super hard to do, but doing one thing at a time is one of the first steps to climbing (slowly!) off the hamster wheel, and into the nice soft straw..


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